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"As far as I'm concerned those fuckers got what was coming to them."Independent RP blog for the character of Molly from Telltale's The Walking Dead Game.

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[[ this is probably the dumbest closet cosplay I’ve ever done ]]

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-Because she’s bored? Now where did he hear that one before? The smile widens, feeling too large for his face; though he’s unsure if it’s because the solidarity is making it easier for him to pull weirder faces that will drive off any potential company, or because he hasn’t had anything to smile at the past few months so that even the smallest quirk felt like a gaping crevasse.- Nine months here. -Give or take, of course. It wasn’t like he kept track of the time anymore other than the obvious lapses between day and night. The absentminded bite in her voice has him wondering what she busies herself with after the sun sets, and how far away his radio’s partner must have gone.- Kinda dulls the surprise, don’t it? -His shoulders crack as he rolls them counter-clockwise.- Tell ya the truth, I ain’t gonna be too surprised until I know you’re real. No hard feelings though. -Though there were plenty of those in his jeans.

A horde of walkers gathered in the distance like a swarm of ants, fuzzy blurs that swam in and out of his peripheral vision as he scanned the treeline behind the shopping center. For all he knew, someone could be watching him. And part of him wanted to make sure before fishing himself out of his pants and taking a leak off the side of the building. Not so much for modesty as much as he wanted to show off.- Y’know, information ain’t cheap these days. I toldja my name. Now gimme a lil somethin’. Your order, for one. I’m still waitin’ on that.

You call that information? -Leaning forwards to focus her attention back on the walkers roaming about beneath her, she rests her chin on her palm and scoffs into the receiver.- Yours might as well be a made-up name for all I know. Not much value in names these days. -If anything they were mere tokens of life before the apocalypse, something to hold onto for the sake of your own sanity. The last people she’d given her name had used it only briefly and then forgotten it, along with her. The thought that everyone who’d ever known her even in some small way were now most likely dead, is a depressing one to say the least.

Noticing that some of the walkers are getting a little too close for comfort, seemingly alerted by the faint hiss of static emitting from the speaker but not yet fully aware of her presence, she picks a piece of loose brick from the wall and flings it towards the treeline in the horizon, hoping that it’ll attract their attention. She only manages a few yards, but it’s far enough away to buy her a couple of minutes of safety. Pressing the talk-button once more, she stifles a yawn.- But, since it don’t matter and all… Name’s Molly. As for that order, think you can manage a double cheeseburger and curly fries? Delivery guy might need a decent weapon though…


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Finished The Walking Dead in two long sittings. That game is incredible and I insist you play it if you haven’t already.

Molly was my favourite character.


-Squeezing the silent device, Nate inspects the speaker’s grooves. If there wasn’t a little person hiding between them, then they had already burrowed into his ear and were fucking with his head. If there was anything else left to fuck with, that was. Frowning when the silence drags on far longer than it would take for a fast-food order to be placed, he sets the walkie talkie beside him on the roof’s edge and busies himself with his nails again. It’s not that he’s disappointed. He’s gotten used to hearing things that sound too good to be true and usually are. It was a lot fucking easier to find disappointment in silence itself, so he’d stopped putting merit behind the odd bumps in the road and squirrel farts. 

So when the voice returns, he almost ignores it. Almost. On account the sounds never sounded quite as clear as this voice does, and mostly because, despite the rusty texture, it had a slight flavor of woman to it. His lips are dry enough to bleed when he cracks a smile, and he slides his tongue over them as he retrieves the radio.- 

You need it for future reference? -Voice husky, he presses mouth against the heat of the plastic, still warm from its charger.- Hey, when there’s nobody around to impress with stupid shit, us Wiseguys do pretty goddamned well for ourselves. -A short pause later, he adds- It’s Nate.

-Unable to stop a slight smile from crossing her lips at the continued conversation - as mundane as it is - Molly slips the radio into her pocket before hoisting herself onto the brick wall standing between her and the path ahead. Despite the walkie talkie being evidence of some sort of human contact in the not-so-distant past, the area seems to have been hastily cleared out. A faded sign overhead reads ‘Mobile Home Park’. Plastic bags and empty wrappers litter the ground. More fences to her left, riddled with rusty barbed wire. A few walkers amble around below but out of earshot, so leaning back on her hand atop the brick enclosure she fishes the walkie back out of her pocket and brings it back up for a reply.- 

I need it because I’m bored. You might be surprised to hear that you’re the first person I’ve talked to in almost half a year? -Voice thick with sarcasm, she scans the horizon once more. Treetops and deserted parking lots. Dead land as far as the eye can see. Somehow the silence seems more potent now that she is talking to someone. 

Nate. Alright. Fitting. A wiseguy name for a wiseguy. No need to tell him her own name for now. Figuring that her trek can be put off for a few minutes, she swings one leg over the other and leans back more, peering up from the under her hood at the ashen sky above. The brick wall isn’t exactly the safest place to take a breather, but it’s tall enough that walkers would have trouble getting to her anyway.- So what’s your story?



mollynate support group.
welcome to mate ship, matey. 
where there’s plenty’o’pegs but no legs, at least not nate’s because hilda took care of those.


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